Pressed 4 Time Ironing Services!
Pressed 4 Time Ironing Services!

We specialise in Ironing but have the equipment to wash and dry clothes,an affordable price, with no hidden charges. if you are happy with the price (which you will be), you tell us how you would like it returned such as folded or hung, then we take your clothes away and aim to return them within 48 hours but this can also be changed to work around your schedule.


We are a new business which means that at the moment, not many people have heard of us or tried our service because of this. However, the few people we have received return on a weekly-basis and couldn't be happier with our services, here are a few of our reviews:  


TrudyR - I used this service recently and found them to be flexible, hardworking and the clothes were perfect. Despite moving 35 miles away I still arranged for my Ironing to be undertaken by Pressed4Time. They have taken a massive weight off my shoulders and have also assisted me in other areas such as house-cleaning. I couldn't be happier. 


Peter11725 - It came to the time to do the thing I hate most...Ironing. I decided to browse the web to see if I could find somewhere cheap the get my ironing done, after calling up various places I decided that getting my ironing done was too costly, then I stumbled upon Pressed4Time. The lady on the phone explained the whole process and even came and got it that day! Within the next day, my clothes were returned and they looked brand new, I couldn't believe it!! Best business yet :)